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(Deutsch) Strand statt Seniorenheim: Auswandern im Alter

Worldwide, 31/05/2019

(Deutsch) Immer mehr Schweizer Rentnerinnen und Rentner entscheiden sich, ihren dritten Lebensabschnitt im Ausland zu verbringen. Erfahren Sie hier, was es dabei unbedingt zu beachten gilt.

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Beware of Scams

Fraud Abroad – 5 More Frequent Scams

Worldwide, 18/05/2019

As we already pointed out in the first installment of this article series, there are many traps that you can quickly fall into as an unsuspecting tourist or foreigner. In most cases, this means that you will not only lose money, but also important documents such as your passport, or your credit card. That\'s why it is worth preparing yourself and being on your guard. We gathered a list of five more common scams for you, and we tell you how you can protect yourself.

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(Deutsch) Flucht aus der Altersarmut – wenn Pensionierte auswandern

Worldwide, 10/05/2019

(Deutsch) Steigende Ausgaben, dürftige Renten. Immer mehr Schweizer Pensionierte entscheiden sich, ihren Lebensabend im Ausland zu verbringen. Durch das vielerorts tiefere Preisniveau erhoffen sich viele, dort einen angenehmeren Ruhestand fernab jeglicher Existenzsorgen geniessen zu können. Beim Auswandern im Alter gilt es jedoch einige Punkte zu berücksichtigen.

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Of Estonians and Blocks: The Future of E-Voting in Switzerland

Worldwide, 26/04/2019

E-voting - an emotional affair. Given the sometimes heated debates between its advocates and opponents, it is perhaps wise to take a step back and broaden our perspective. What are the challenges? Are there examples that we can learn from? What could be some feasible solutions? Read on to see what we can learn from Estonia and blockchain-based technologies.

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Fifth Switzerland

The Pursuit of Happiness – Swiss Emigration to Argentina

Argentina, 19/04/2019

Esperanza - “Hope” - was the promising name of the town where Swiss emigration to Argentina got its start. Hopeful indeed were the many Swiss who settled in the city from 1857, fleeing the hardship and despair of their homeland. In fact, this is where the long and turbulent history of Swiss emigration to Argentina began. In the following years, these movements would incessantly grow and even have an influence on the Swiss-Argentinian relationship at the highest levels of government.

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