When travelling, things don't always go according to plan...This is why we have a Plan b! As a Soliswiss member, you are automatically protected from political risks - at home or abroad!Learn more

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Guest Article

Turbulente Tage in Katalonien – ein Soliswiss Mitglied berichtet

Spain, 07/11/2017

Die Welt blickt nach Katalonien, der Region im Südosten Spaniens. Das Soliswiss Mitglied P.R. erlebte die Entwicklungen rund um die Abstimmung vor Ort. In diesem Bericht bietet P.R. Einblick in die Tage nach dem Referendum zur Unabhängigkeit, seine Erlebnisse am Brennpunkt und seiner persönlichen Meinung.

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Hotspot report

Russia faces months of unrest

Russia, 22/08/2017

In the last few months, tens of thousands of Russians have taken to the streets to protest corruption and the political elite. They were led by opposition leader and potential presidential candidate Alexei Nawalny. In addition, Russia is struggling with an economy that continues to be sluggish less than one year before the presidential election. How is Putin reacting to this mix of increased resistance and economic recession?

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The new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017

Switzerland, 26/06/2017

Summertime is holiday time! Perhaps you’ll be traveling for a few days abroad, discovering new countries. This inevitably begs the question of the safety and political risks of the holiday destination. The answer can be found in the new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017.

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Is the World Headed Toward Nuclear War?

North Korea, 11/04/2017

Despite it breaching international agreements, North Korea is testing rockets and nuclear weapons. North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un, is provoking the international community with his actions and raising concerns about a nuclear attack. The USA is threatening severe action and in doing so, taking a unilateral course of action against Pyongyang. Is this the way to reduce the danger or is the world headed toward a nuclear outbreak?

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In case of attacks they march out and save people – Interview with Liam Morrissey

Switzerland, 03/04/2017

Travel can also have drawbacks. Abducted abroad, wrongful detention, extortion or even terror attacks – every day travelers all around the world can be confronted with such situations. Who is leaving for Central or South America, Asia or North Africa gets explicitly warned of these threats. But the number of global terrorist and criminal activity is increasing also in Europe and North America. I, myself, have started trips with an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. I was asking myself: “Can I get any protection against these risks?” Yes, of course – that´s the response of Liam Morrissey, Founder and CEO of MS Risk, a global security management corporation. For protection, you need Plan b, a professional crisis intervention on your travels. In the interview the former Canadian officer Liam explains how Plan b works and gives some practical advice on how you should behave in case of an emergency. And the best thing is: You can benefit from Plan b! As the exclusive Swiss partner of MS Risk, Soliswiss offers Plan b to all its members included in the membership fee of only 60chf.

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