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(Deutsch) Im Pensionsalter in die EU auswandern: Wo bin ich krankenversichert?

(Deutsch) EU/EFTA, 21/08/2020

(Deutsch) Jedes Jahr entschliessen sich zahlreiche Schweizer Pensionär/innen, ihre Heimat dauerhaft zu verlassen und den Lebensabend in einem anderen europäischen Land zu verbringen. Dabei stellen sich wichtige Fragen zur Krankenversicherung, z.B. in Bezug auf Behandlungsmöglichkeiten oder Prämien. Hier erfahren Sie, was Sie bei der Auswanderung in ein EU-/EFTA-Land als Rentner/in beachten sollten.

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(Deutsch) Solicast, Folge 2 – Ausgewandert nach Mexiko

Mexico, 10/07/2020

(Deutsch) In der zweiten Folge besuchen wir Laure in Mexiko. Sie erzählt von ihren Erfahrungen als Kind von Auswandernden, von ihrem Leben in Mexiko und von ihrem Journalismus-Projekt.

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The new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017

Switzerland, 26/06/2017

Summertime is holiday time! Perhaps you’ll be traveling for a few days abroad, discovering new countries. This inevitably begs the question of the safety and political risks of the holiday destination. The answer can be found in the new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017.

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In case of attacks they march out and save people – Interview with Liam Morrissey

Switzerland, 03/04/2017

Travel can also have drawbacks. Abducted abroad, wrongful detention, extortion or even terror attacks – every day travelers all around the world can be confronted with such situations. Who is leaving for Central or South America, Asia or North Africa gets explicitly warned of these threats. But the number of global terrorist and criminal activity is increasing also in Europe and North America. I, myself, have started trips with an unpleasant feeling in my stomach. I was asking myself: “Can I get any protection against these risks?” Yes, of course – that´s the response of Liam Morrissey, Founder and CEO of MS Risk, a global security management corporation. For protection, you need Plan b, a professional crisis intervention on your travels. In the interview the former Canadian officer Liam explains how Plan b works and gives some practical advice on how you should behave in case of an emergency. And the best thing is: You can benefit from Plan b! As the exclusive Swiss partner of MS Risk, Soliswiss offers Plan b to all its members included in the membership fee of only 60chf.

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