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Soliswiss Annual Analysis – Outlook on Global Developments

Worldwide, 01/03/2018

The annual analysis for 2018 provides an overview of current and emerging points of conflict and offers an assessment of their development. This issue focuses on the Middle East with its rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, who both seek to control the region. Tensions are expected in Europe as well, however: Poland is rubbing its citizens and the EU up the wrong way with its policies. A look at Latin America shows that the coming months will be decisive for Brazil: elections will take place this year, all while investigations into the Petrobras scandal continue and some regions struggle with growing financial concerns. The annual analysis cannot claim to be comprehensive. Rather, it is intended to provide assistance to Soliswiss members, travelers and Swiss citizens abroad as well as highlight developments.

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Guest Article

Turbulente Tage in Katalonien – ein Soliswiss Mitglied berichtet

Spain, 07/11/2017

Die Welt blickt nach Katalonien, der Region im Südosten Spaniens. Das Soliswiss Mitglied P.R. erlebte die Entwicklungen rund um die Abstimmung vor Ort. In diesem Bericht bietet P.R. Einblick in die Tage nach dem Referendum zur Unabhängigkeit, seine Erlebnisse am Brennpunkt und seiner persönlichen Meinung.

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Is the World Headed Toward Nuclear War?

North Korea, 11/04/2017

Despite it breaching international agreements, North Korea is testing rockets and nuclear weapons. North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un, is provoking the international community with his actions and raising concerns about a nuclear attack. The USA is threatening severe action and in doing so, taking a unilateral course of action against Pyongyang. Is this the way to reduce the danger or is the world headed toward a nuclear outbreak?

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