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Fifth Switzerland

The Pursuit of Happiness – Swiss Emigration to Argentina

Argentina, 19/04/2019

Esperanza - “Hope” - was the promising name of the town where Swiss emigration to Argentina got its start. Hopeful indeed were the many Swiss who settled in the city from 1857, fleeing the hardship and despair of their homeland. In fact, this is where the long and turbulent history of Swiss emigration to Argentina began. In the following years, these movements would incessantly grow and even have an influence on the Swiss-Argentinian relationship at the highest levels of government.

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Fifth Switzerland

The Continuous Growth of Fifth Switzerland

Worldwide, 05/04/2019

The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) has recently published its statistics on Swiss citizens living abroad for the year 2018. We have taken a closer look at the data and identified some interesting developments. In the first installment of our article series \"Fifth Switzerland\", we present you with an overview of the most important facts and figures.

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Guest Article

Turbulente Tage in Katalonien – ein Soliswiss Mitglied berichtet

Spain, 07/11/2017

Die Welt blickt nach Katalonien, der Region im Südosten Spaniens. Das Soliswiss Mitglied P.R. erlebte die Entwicklungen rund um die Abstimmung vor Ort. In diesem Bericht bietet P.R. Einblick in die Tage nach dem Referendum zur Unabhängigkeit, seine Erlebnisse am Brennpunkt und seiner persönlichen Meinung.

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