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Returning to Switzerland: the Difficult Task of Finding an Apartment

Switzerland, 20/07/2020

Every year thousands of Swiss citizens living abroad decide to return to Switzerland, and particularly in times of crises their number increases significantly. However, this turn out to be more complicated than anticipated, with the search for an accommodation often being one of the major obstacles. Read here where such difficulties might stem from and how to overcome them.

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Fifth Switzerland

(Deutsch) Wie ausgewanderte Bündner die Welt versüssten

Worldwide, 05/05/2020

(Deutsch) Konfekt, Kuchen und Kuvertüren – mit solchen kariesfördernden Köstlichkeiten führten Schweizer Zuckerbäcker über Jahrhunderte die Menschen in ganz Europa in Versuchung. Vor allem die ausgewanderten Bündner Konditoren hatten einen ausgezeichneten Ruf. Eine Geschichte über Armut, Macht und Zucker.

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Corona Crisis: this Financial Aid is Available for Swiss Abroad

Worldwide, 09/04/2020

The corona pandemic has serious consequences worldwide: overloaded health care systems, closed-down stores, rising unemployment. Many Swiss abroad and Swiss returnees are affected, too. But help is available - at least for emergencies. We show you what kind of aid is available.

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Emigrating in times of Corona?

Worldwide, 16/03/2020

In response to the corona pandemic, numerous countries have taken drastic measures. These are often accompanied by restrictions for foreigners and immigrants. Many Swiss people wishing to emigrate see their emigration plans called into question.

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Of Estonians and Blocks: The Future of E-Voting in Switzerland

Worldwide, 26/04/2019

E-voting - an emotional affair. Given the sometimes heated debates between its advocates and opponents, it is perhaps wise to take a step back and broaden our perspective. What are the challenges? Are there examples that we can learn from? What could be some feasible solutions? Read on to see what we can learn from Estonia and blockchain-based technologies.

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