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The Soliswiss Forum offers a platform for expats, experienced and less experienced travellers or travel aficionados worldwide. As such it does not intend to compete with existing fora, but rather complement them.

Forum Soliswiss firstly fosters exchange among expats, travellers and persons interested in emigrating, by serving as a platform for the exchange of experiences, local customs, tips and useful hints. Secondly, Forum Soliswiss provides actual and independent information on the development of political risks worldwide. Our situation reports and development analysis are tailored to the needs of Swiss abroad, and are based on scientific and background reports. The platform offers an overview of the political risks in a particular country, and assesses new developments.

To ensure a peaceful and respectful exchange among the users, the following rules apply to the entire platform. By adopting these rules you agree not to publish obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, discriminating, racial or otherwise offensive posts, questions or comments.

1. Offensive Content

Offensive or illegal links or content, spam, or disruptive conversations must be avoided, and will be removed without prior notice.

Indecent or offensive aliases are forbidden.

Contributions with extremist, racist or pornographic content, as well as content that violates the law, are forbidden and will be deleted without prior notice.

Should a user disregard these Forum rules repeatedly, and not comply after repeated warnings, he may be excluded temporarily or permanently from the Forum.

This public platform has its legal seat in Switzerland and is subject to Swiss law. All posted content must, therefore, comply with current law, and may not violate personality rights.

2. User Names

Contributions may be published under the actual first and family name, or under an alias. Nicknames that violate common moral values are forbidden. The use of several nicknames is not possible. Should you feel the need to change your nickname, you may do so under ‘User Settings’. However, each nickname will be issued only once.

3. Languages

Contributions may be published in German, English or French. Each author is responsible for applying correct orthography and grammar, to simplify understanding. Misspelled words will be missed by the search function. Paragraphs as well as short and effective texts enhance readability. Your contributions will not be edited; they appear as you compose them.

4. Content

In principle, the following guidelines apply for the content of a new post:

Allowed are all posts that are of relevance to other travellers, or to potential emigrants to a specific country. These may come as reports on experiences, as tips, or comments on posts.

Users who wish to learn about specific subjects can post questions at any time. Before asking, make sure via the search function whether your question has already been answered. Use tags to link your posts. This will facilitate the search for other members.

No aggressive or personally offensive posts!

No posting of links or images to extremist, illegal or pornographic websites.

No unnecessary swearing or curses beyond the tolerable level.

No spam posts or links to commercial offers.

Commercial advertisements are not permitted and will be removed immediately. The promotion of non-commercial websites may be tolerated, provided it offers a useful input for our users.

5. Copyright

When composing new themes or contributions, the author may not include copyrighted material without naming the source. Posted images or graphs must have a copyright note, or the indication that the copyright holder has given explicit permission for publishing.

6. Privacy Policy

All personal data are treated with strictest confidentiality. We do by no means pass on your personal data to third parties without your express authorization.

7. Disclaimer and Liability

The posts reflect the opinion and experiences of their authors, and not the opinion of the website operators or of Soliswiss. The authors are responsible for the accuracy of their contributions. Soliswiss is excluded from any liability. Visitors are liable for their own posts. Liability includes text, links or images, and any other types of documents published, which may or may not infringe third party rights. Visitors, users and/or authors indemnify the operators of the Forum and this website of any claims by third parties.

Contributions by the Forum users are not screened before their publication, since the platform SoliWorld.Net works in real time. The operators of the Forum are therefore not in a position to retain direct control over the posts created by users. Posts violating the above rules will be deleted by the Forum Administration without notice.

8. Salvatoric Clause

Should any part of the formulations in the imprint section, in the Forum Rules section, on liability and copyright, or on data protection be incomplete or become obsolete in view of the current law, the rest of these rules shall not be affected.