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Owners of soliswiss

As a cooperative society, Soliswiss is owned by its members. Our members live in 154 different countries.

Solidarity Fund Council and Executive Committee

The Council is the management and supervisory organ of Soliswiss, akin to a Board of Directors. It consists of the President and at least eight other members. The Council elects the President, appoints members of management and issues regulations, in particular the organisational regulations. Members of the Council resident in Switzerland form the Executive Committee which conducts day-to-day business.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee conducts the day-to-day business of the Council and monitors the work performed. The Executive Committee makes decisions on the admission and disqualification of members. It handles applications for changes in insurance cover (lump sum compensation), as well as compensation and the allocation of benefits from the Auxiliary Relief Fund.

The representative appointed by the Swiss Federal Council has right of veto on proposals concerning lump-sum compensation.

Brunschwiler Bernardo P., Zug, CH

Vice Chairman
Herren Eric, Gerlafingen, CH*

Enz Werner, Zurich, CH*
Grob Uma Katharina, Dr. med., Steckborn CH and Tanzania
Zimmerli Peter, EDA, Bern, CH**, MOFA, Berne, CH**
Metzger Jan, Dr. rer. publ., St. Gall, CH*
Suter Walter, f.Ambassador, Berne, CH*
von Borstel Oliver F., Schiedam, Netherlands

* Committee Members
** Representative of the Swiss Federal Council

Board of Directors of the Public Limited Company

The Board of Directors may make decisions on all matters that are not assigned to the General Assembly by law or by the articles of association. The Board of Directors manages the business of the company unless it has delegated such business.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the following non-transferable and irrevocable tasks:

  • Overall management of the company and issuing of the requisite directives
  • Defining the company organisation
  • Structuring the accounting system, financial control and financial planning to the extent required for management of the company
  • Appointment and dismissal of persons entrusted with the management and representation of business
  • Supervision of persons entrusted with business management, in terms of compliance with the law, articles of association and directives
  • Preparation of the annual report and the General Assembly, and implementing its decisions
  • Notifying the judiciary in the event of overindebtedness

The Board of Directors may delegate the preparation and execution of its decisions or the monitoring of business to committees or individual members. It is responsible for ensuring appropriate reporting to its members.

Bernardo P. Brunschwiler, lic. oec., Zug, CH

Thomas Ziegler, lic. iur., Advocate and Federally Certified Tax Expert, Grellingen, CH
Stephan Eckert, Wettingen, CH