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The new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017

Switzerland, 26/06/2017 by Céline Neuenschwander

Summertime is holiday time! Perhaps you’ll be traveling for a few days abroad, discovering new countries. This inevitably begs the question of the safety and political risks of the holiday destination. The answer can be found in the new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017.

Based on current data, the Soliswiss risk index calculates the danger level of political risks for a country. This includes kidnapping, terrorist attacks, or riots, just to name a few of the political risks that could endanger travelers and Swiss citizens abroad. Based on the Soliswiss risk index, a country is placed in one of six risk categories. How did your holiday destination measure up? You’ll find the complete Soliswiss risk index for countries here.

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The Soliswiss country ranking at a glance. A country is placed in one of six categories based on the risk level.

The number of countries in the lowest risk category decreased in comparison to last year. The reasons for this are primarily the increased threat of terror in Europe’s large cities, the refugee crisis, and oppression in Eastern Europe. Northern countries such as Finland, Norway, and Denmark continue to be among Europe’s most politically secure countries. But even Costa Rica, Mauritius, Namibia, and Switzerland are among those countries with the lowest risk.
There has also been an increase in the number of countries in the increased risk category. These mainly include Latin American countries but even the USA is on the list. There are hardly any changes regarding the countries with the highest political risk.


Last year’s Soliswiss country ranking in comparison. Here the danger in Europe has increased considerably. Many European countries went from the lowest category to that of monitored risk. Apart from the Northern European countries, the safe havens also include Canada, New Zealand, and the African country of Namibia.


We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday.

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