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Do you travel or live abroad? You came to the right place! The Soliswiss Forum offers free and independent evaluations and expert opinions for various countries. At the same time, the Soliswiss Forum is a platform. Here, you can share your personal experiences with the community or ask locals for tips.


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Hotspot report

On the War Front: Up Close and Personal

Switzerland, 18/05/2018

When he’s not teaching, Alex Kühni goes to war. As a war journalist he documents the conflicts that take place in this world. His goal is to raise the awareness of people living in the West. In order to do this, he often risks his life. Kühni won this year\'s Swiss Press Photo Award in the abroad category. This is an interview that hovers between the classroom and the war front

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3. Folge von ” Auf und Davon” mit mir in Szene

Morocco, 26/01/2018

Die 3 Folge von 6 Folgen. Weitere Folgen der Serie kann man im Player ( Link ) anschauen. Einen sonnengereiften Gruss aus Marokko sendet Didier mit meinem Blog http://marokkoauswanderer.blogspot.com/ und einigen Interviews als Link http://www.auslandskarriere.de/auswandern-nach-marokko/

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Mundo Maya

Mexico, 19/01/2018

Eine unserer letzten Reisen führte uns im Winter 2014/15 in den Südosten Mexikos sowie nach Belize und Guatemala, also in das faszinierende Gemisch von grossartigen Maya-Reliquien, prächtigen Kolonialstädten, feinsandigen Stränden, Urwäldern und Höhlen.

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Hotspots are places, where a significant percentage of Soliswiss members is living or which are frequently visited by travellers. At the same time, Hotspots show a high risk due to political factors. Emigrants, travelers and interested people receive here an assessment of the situation and its further development. Hotspots analysis are based on scientific reviews, reports and data.

Switzerland: On the War Front: Up Close and PersonalSwitzerland: Soliswiss Annual Analysis – Outlook on Global DevelopmentsSwitzerland: Two years’ travelling with no fixed plan – here’s how it works

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Hotspot report

Soliswiss Annual Analysis – Outlook on Global Developments

Switzerland, 01/03/2018

The annual analysis for 2018 provides an overview of current and emerging points of conflict and offers an assessment of their development. This issue focuses on the Middle East with its rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia, who both seek to control the region. Tensions are expected in Europe as well, however: Poland is rubbing its citizens and the EU up the wrong way with its policies. A look at Latin America shows that the coming months will be decisive for Brazil: elections will take place this year, all while investigations into the Petrobras scandal continue and some regions struggle with growing financial concerns. The annual analysis cannot claim to be comprehensive. Rather, it is intended to provide assistance to Soliswiss members, travelers and Swiss citizens abroad as well as highlight developments.

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Country Ranking 2017

The Soliswiss riskindex reports an assessment of the current risks in a certain Country. The index is based on five data records. The calculation results in a point value for each country of maximum 50 points in total. the higher the points, the higher the political risk.


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Political Risk Analysis

Civil war, strikes or simmering conflicts – numerous factors might pose a threat to your personal security. The political risk analysis investigates the current situation and provides an assessment thereof. Here you’ll find what a political risk is, who gets affected and how you can benefit from the risk analysis.

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