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Do you travel or live abroad? You came to the right place! The Soliswiss Forum offers free and independent evaluations and expert opinions for various countries. At the same time, the Soliswiss Forum is a platform. Here, you can share your personal experiences with the community or ask locals for tips.


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Hotspot report

Russia faces months of unrest

Russia, 22/08/2017

In the last few months, tens of thousands of Russians have taken to the streets to protest corruption and the political elite. They were led by opposition leader and potential presidential candidate Alexei Nawalny. In addition, Russia is struggling with an economy that continues to be sluggish less than one year before the presidential election. How is Putin reacting to this mix of increased resistance and economic recession?

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Wollen Sie, dass Katalonien ein unabhängiger Staat in Form einer Republik wird?

Spain, 21/08/2017

Liebe Mitglieder von Soliswiss, ich bin Auslandschweizer und bin in ein Dorf in der Nähe von Barcelona. Für den Referendum für die Unabhängigkeit Kataloniens wurde nachgefragt ob Schweizer interessiert sein würden am 1 Oktober im Dorf dabei sein wollen. Es handelt sich um eine Einladung.

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Hotspots are places, where a significant percentage of Soliswiss members is living or which are frequently visited by travellers. At the same time, Hotspots show a high risk due to political factors. Emigrants, travelers and interested people receive here an assessment of the situation and its further development. Hotspots analysis are based on scientific reviews, reports and data.

Russia: Russia faces months of unrestSwitzerland: The new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017North Korea: Is the World Headed Toward Nuclear War?

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Hotspot report

The new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017

Switzerland, 26/06/2017

Summertime is holiday time! Perhaps you’ll be traveling for a few days abroad, discovering new countries. This inevitably begs the question of the safety and political risks of the holiday destination. The answer can be found in the new Soliswiss Country Ranking 2017.

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Country Ranking 2017

The Soliswiss riskindex reports an assessment of the current risks in a certain Country. The index is based on five data records. The calculation results in a point value for each country of maximum 50 points in total. the higher the points, the higher the political risk.


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Political Risk Analysis

Civil war, strikes or simmering conflicts – numerous factors might pose a threat to your personal security. The political risk analysis investigates the current situation and provides an assessment thereof. Here you’ll find what a political risk is, who gets affected and how you can benefit from the risk analysis.

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